Amelia Zarb

Amelia Zarb

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Specialization/s: Martial arts coach

This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Amelia Zarb is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Goju Ryu Karate. Dai Shihan Amelia is a senior martial arts coach who has dedicated most of her adult life to providing traditional and, professional martial arts progrms to her community via her business "The Arts of Defence" which she runs with her husband, renown karate-ka Shihan David Zarb. Dai Shihan Amelia has travelled the world many times over the years to gain the knowledge and affiliations to ensure her students are given the best credentials available. . Dai Shihan Amelia and Shihan David have both notched up an impressive number of years 30 in fact, dedicating their lives to teaching martial arts and changing the lives of many thousands of students that attend their sessions in Sunbury and bacchaus Marsh in Victoria. Traditional martial arts that emphasise human values is important for Dai Shihan Amelia, her training in Tai Chi Chuan (an internal Chinese martial arts practiced for defence, health and meditation) reflects her passion for the wholistic benefits that martial arts bring. Dai Shihan Amelia believes in the theraputic benefits that her martial art brings to individual clients and communites, and she is able to eloquently blend a mix of the hard and the soft techniques of martial arts to create a balance that only few understand. The strong following and longevity in the martial arts that Shihan Dai Amelia has gained over the years is clear testament to her popularity as a teacher and mentor. Dai Shihan Amelia believes the martial arts to be a life changing programand, and also believes it should be taught via professional coaches. Dai Shihan Amelia advocates ongoing professional development for martial arts practitioners and has been responsible for helping many of her student gain nationally recignised and industry recognised qualifications. She believes that we all have a responsibility to train our young correctly to prepare them for the modern world of coaching, and eventually a career path, just like she has enjoyed.

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Bacchaus Marsh, Victoria, AU

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