Robert Sullivan

Robert Sullivan

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This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Robert Sullivan is an 8th Dan in Karate As founder and Chief of Go Kan Ryu Karate International Kancho Robert Sullivan has made an indelible mark on world martial arts by creating one of the world’s strongest martial arts organisations. Kancho Roberts martial arts training began in 1964 and has trained extensively in the Shotokan and Goju Kai systems of karate. Kancho Robert's passion for martial arts and his belief that traditional karate has the power to change people’s lives for the better, has dedicated his life to the spread of the art. In 1984, with 20 years’ experience in teaching karate behind him, he started Go-Kan-Ryu karate. His original aim was to build a small karate club, but he soon realised that teaching karate was something that would become his lifelong vocation. GKR has flourished around the world with tens of thousands of students enjoying what karate has to offer, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Kancho Robert. Kancho believes that karate has brought so many people together and says his organisation feels like one big extended family. Over the years he has had many students come to him, talking about how they have who have had a hard time and challenges in their life, and it’s their fellow students and instructors who have been a great support to them, they have received help and advice, and this combined with their training has helped to bring them back to a state of wellbeing. During the Covid International lockdown many people experience adversity in many ways, but he believes that during this time the GKR organisation proved to everyone what a family they are, and on a truly global scale. So much fear and uncertainty was present during lockdown, people suffered physically, mentally and financially. Kancho Bob iterates that GKR really wanted to provide classes for their students but circumstances regarding running face to face classes were out of their hands. He knew that classes would not only keep their mind and body active but also empower them in such a challenging time. Kancho Bob was very pleased to see how the GKR family rallied and in a very short time they were able to offer an online platform that delivered full curriculum and live classes. The momentum was kept going and the students remained engaged throughout the pandemic. “GKR began as a one-man organisation” Kancho Robert says, “It is truly a labour of love, not just for him but also his instructors and students and families who make up the organisation. Kancho Robert Sullivan believes that thanks to the new online presence and live training, people can come back even stronger from covid and due to the variety of instructors available.

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