Chris Clayton

Chris Clayton

Coaching Category: Martial Arts

Specialization(s): Karate, Body Building, Functional Fitness


Residing in South East Queensland, Australia, Chris Clayton, alongside his wife Maree, operates a Remedial Therapy Clinic nestled in the regional City of Toowoomba. With a wealth of expertise, Chris is a certified Anatomy Trains Teacher and Structural Integrator, employing Anatomy Trains in Training principles as the cornerstone of his movement therapy approach. Despite his diverse professional pursuits, Chris's enduring passion lies in martial arts, a devotion cultivated over four decades. He generously shares his knowledge as a martial arts instructor, continuously evolving as a student under the guidance of esteemed mentor Tino Ceberano Hanshi.

Chris's journey into holistic healing began in his formative years of martial arts training when he witnessed his instructor effectively treating fellow students' injuries. Captivated by this healing art, Chris sought guidance on how to embark on the path of a healer, leading him to delve into the intricacies of anatomy—an exploration he has fervently pursued since.

With over 35 years of experience in coaching and training, Chris holds Diplomas in Sport Development, Sport Coaching, and Fitness. His tenure includes teaching Sport Coaching and Fitness qualifications for esteemed institutions such as the Australian College of Sport Development and YMCA Brisbane. Recognizing the importance of addressing vulnerabilities in athletes and clients, Chris embarked on a journey of integrating manual therapy into his practice, culminating in his accreditation as an ATSI practitioner.

Chris's commitment to continuous learning has seen him collaborate with AP Lindberg of Anatomy Trains in Training on multiple occasions, including a groundbreaking venture to Taiwan in 2018—the inaugural introduction of Anatomy Trains in Training to Asia. Alongside his martial arts pursuits, Chris and Maree have embarked on numerous adventures, exploring martial arts landscapes in the Philippines, Okinawa, and across Australia.

As a member of Tino Ceberano's research and development team (RDT), Chris remains dedicated to advancing the field of martial arts and holistic therapy. Grounded in a genuine desire to empower others, Chris's daily routine is a blend of rigorous training sessions and the joy of imparting martial arts wisdom in disciplines such as Karate and Tino Ceberano's Go Ju Kalis and Arnis (Filipino Dulas Madirigma). Through his teachings and practices, Chris Clayton embodies the spirit of martial arts—a journey of perpetual growth and enlightenment.

Awards & Certifications

6th Dan Goju Karate | 2019-02-09

5th Dan Goju Kalis - Filipino Stick Fighting | 2019-02-09

Massage Therapist - Remedial massage | 2008-08-08

Diploma in Sport Coaching (Martial Arts) | 2008-09-09

Diploma in Fitness | 2008-09-23

Work Experience

Resolute Fitness Services | Director

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Toowoomba, Queensland, AU

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