Inupa Mendis

Inupa Mendis

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Specialization/s: Martial arts coach, Karate, Sports Coach

This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Sensei G. L. Inupa Uthsara Mendis is a 3nd Dan Black Belt in Teshinkai Karate! Sensei Inupa is Personal Assistant to World Director of Teshinkai and plays an important role in the expansion of the International Sabaki Karate Do TESHINKAI Organisation. Sensei Inupa began training in Karate 2004 under the instruction of his father Shihan Upali Mendis and soon found his passion within full contact karate because it offered what he believes to be a tougher training method that better develops ones character and resilience in all life's challenges. Sensei Inupa is currently assistant director of the Teshinkai International Karate-do organisation. Sensei Inupa is a Karate Champion who has gained an impressive swag of gold medals - 30 in fact, in competition throughout the Asia region. Sensei Inupa is a heavyweight competitor who has fought against some of Asia's toughest fighters. His iron will and determination makes him one of the worlds strongest up an coming fighters and his young age means that he still has much to achieve. Sensei Inupa is a community minded individual who believes in the power of martial arts training as a way to positively develop students of all ages. Whilst a fierce fighter on the mats, Sensei Inupa is gentle individual who cares for the welfare of those around him. Its for this reason that he was selected as Personal Assistant to the Teshinkai World Director - Kancho Barry Johnston from Australia. Sensei Inupa is committed to also assisting in the develop the the World along the side of Kancho Barry Johnston & Asia Region along side his father Shihan Upali Mendis. Together their job is to bring the budo martial art of Teshinkai karate do to all Countries and individuals regardless of race, religion, or socio economic circumstance. Contact Sensei Inupa if you are interested in becoming part of a new progressive martial art system.

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