Emma Carr

Emma Carr

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Specialization/s: Fitness Coach

This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Emma was an elite Swimmer who began swimming at age 6 and came onto the national scene in 1996 by competing in the Commonwealth Games Trials as a 13 year Old. As well as swimming Emma competed in squad basketball for over 6 years and in her earlier years practiced Gymnastics and little athletics, running in state competitions. It was clear however that Emma belonged in the pool and Emma quickly concreted her place on the Australian Swimming Scene for over 8 years. Competing in the Olympic Trials, Pan Pacific Games, National and State Championships as well as local meets. Emma’s achievements include, Gippsland, Victorian Country and Victorian Multi Gold Medallist and Record Holder, Victorian Team Member from age 10 to 21, Pan Pacific Schools Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallist, National Finalist, member of the Telstra skins Australian development team and Gippstar of the year 1996. In 2004 Emma completed a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Medicine and Health science, Nursing with Honours and then went on to defer medical studies, to later study Chinese Medicine, Mineral Therapy. Emma is always looking to learn more about how she can positively influence her patients and clients and is currently furthering her studies in Nutrition and Dietetics. Emma’s passion and focus has always been around health, medicine, and fitness. Emma worked in medical suites and Nursing homes as a teenager and then major city hospitals, emergency departments intensive care units and operating suites post-graduation. After Emma’s swimming career ended due to a shoulder problem and subsequent operation, Emma concentrated on her university studies, travelled the world, and started a family. It was not long until Emma’s passion for sports was again sparked, and she took up Martial Arts in the form of Aikido and Wing Chun Kung Fu. Of key importance to Emma is addressing the issue of increased physical and emotional violence against women, by building an empire to support, educated and train women and children in self-defence, self-worth and awareness, to empower each individual and reduce the incidences of abuse and bullying. Emma delivers her EmPower programs across Victoria, to Victorian schools’ children, small and large corporate empires and through government bodies to allow individuals to build their own platform as a formidable force, pushing back against all forms of abuse, danger and bullying empowering individuals to focus on their strengths, improve their health and fitness and feel and be supported and nurtured on their journey

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