Peter Lowl

Peter Lowl

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Specialization/s: Martial arts coach

This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Peter Lowl is a 6th Dan in Karate Shihan Peter Lowl is the branch chief of the Kyokushin Ryu Organisation, he is in charge of the styles progressive development and expansion in the Oceania region. Shihan Lowl started his Kyokushin journey in Wellington New Zealand under the now Shihan Ron Discombe and is a well know competitor in the Kyokushin tournament circuits. After his first tournament in Hasting in 1982, Shihan Lowl was soon selected to join the NZ team in full contact karate team of which he was a team member from 1983 to 1988. As a heavyweight competitor Peter Lowl’s score sheet was impressive with win or runner up in most competition entered. Some highlights Peter recalls was competing against top ranked fighters including Tony Bowden and Sam Greco. On his long journey in martial arts Shihan Lowl has trained some of the worlds best instructors in Australia, NZ and Germany, including Karate and kickboxing champion Peter Sampson, Ross Wilson, and many more. One of Peters greatest highlights he says has to be his son Bevan taking part in the WKO Shinkyokushin World Tournament. Shihan Peter Lowl understands too well the benefits that a professional martial arts program brings to individuals and communities, therefore he has dedicated his life to the development and expansion of Budo Karate. Shihan Lowl’s students know their Sensei as a friendly, caring, and professional coach, his colleagues know Peter for his pragmatic, yet solid approach to Karate. The public respect Shihan Lowl as a champion martial artist who has stood the test of time, and one who has stayed true to the long road that only Kyokushin practitioners understand. Shihan Peter Lowl can be found at the Kyokushinryu Headquarters in New Plymouth, New Zealand. You may also contact Shihan Peter directly by messaging him on the Coach Check messaging service!

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