Maximilian Gusset

Maximilian Gusset

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Specialization/s: Martial arts coach, Karate, Kick boxing

This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Maximillian Gusset is a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate Sensei Maximillian is a highly renown and respected martial artist from Zurich in Switzerland and has his clubs in Zurick Switzerland and Fort Lauderdale in Florida USA. Sensei Maximillian has been involved in martial arts since 1984 and began competing in full contact karate in 1991. Sensei Maxwell has notched up a successful competition record firstly via the Seido Kaikan K1 Championships, Kickboxing , and MMA. Sensei Maximillian is currently the Branch Chief for the Switzerland and USA for the Kyokushin AIKO (Associated International Kyokushin Organization) and looks forward to expanding the organization in his jurisdictions. As a full contact fighter Sensei Maximillian know all too well the sacrifices and hard work required to be a champion. Sensei also believes in the balance between Kyokushin Karate and other disciplines that lead to being a champion MMA fighter. The world has changed in the way they view martial arts can sometimes challenge the traditional values of Budo Karate, however this is not the case for a true Budo-ka such as Sensei Maximillian. Sensei understands the deep values attained by traditional Karate and intends to continue the legacy of his style and pass on his champion skills to the next generation. Sensei Maximillian is currently working hard on a World Symposium of martial arts in Switzerland in 2023. The event will be one of the most significant in the full contact karate calendar. You may contact Sensei Maximillian for more details via the Coach Check message service.

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