James Heenan

James Heenan

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This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


James Heenan is a 5th Dan in Taekwondo - Moon Lee - Traditional / Korea Taekwondo Association Australia, and 3rd Dan Kukkiwon recognised. James is also holds an Honourary 7 Dan International Pro Taekwondo Federation (Victoria Vice President) Chief Instructor James Heenan is a 5th Dan Black Belt in traditional Taekwondo and 3rd Dan Black Belt in Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo). Master Heenan comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge of Taekwondo. He has over 20 years of teaching experience and leadership skills, gained also as a Police detective in the Victoria Police. Chief Instructor HEENAN decided in 1999 that he wanted to pursue a full-time career in martial arts as he felt that he was able to contribute to the health and fitness and mental wellbeing of his community. Heenan Taekwondo was established and as the popularity for his services grew, new locations became warranted, and the rest is history, so they say. Chief Instructor James Heenan now boasts Dojang’s in - Pakenham, Beaconsfield, Drouin, Wonthaggi, and Inverloch “Tae Kwon Do” is an empty-hand combat form that incorporates the use of the whole body. Tae means “to Kick” or “Smash with the feet,” Kwon implies “punching” or “destroying with the hand or fist,” and Do means “way” or “method.” The style has always resonated with Heenan as a style that not only prepares a student for real life self-defence, but it also builds strong bodies and creates a fighting spirit that will stay with the student for life, regardless of whether they still train or not. As a former police Detective for many years in Melbourne, he believes that helping to provide a solution to community crime now serves him better than cleaning up after a crime has been committed. Whilst its hard to determine how many students he saves from entering the criminal world, he knows the positive impact his program is committed to growth both in student numbers and in Heenan Taekwondo branches.

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