Keith Geyer

Keith Geyer

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Specialization/s: Martial arts coach

This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Keith Geyer is a 7th Dan in shotokan Karate Sensei Keith as he prefers to be called, is a martial artist who has dedicated most of his adult life to the development and delivery of quality, traditional karate program. Sensei Keith is a strong believer in the benefits of a traditional martial art and therefore is passionate about passing on the same skills to the next generation to ensure that karate in its truest form are not lost in time. Sensei Keith delivers his program from his Honbu (Headquarters) Dojo of the JKA-SKC Australasia Association which was established in 2001. It is a vibrant dojo where Shotokan karate is taught to both children and adults in a friendly and enjoyable environment through disciplined training and skilled instruction. The keith Geyer Dojo has a very strong base of dan grades with more than 20 of them holding the rank of sandan (3rd dan) and above. A dojo that can boast these numbers is very rare, it take many years of providing constant quality instruction to achieve this record, a privilege owned by the most committed. The Keith Geyer dojo is home to many black belts from all over the world and is respected and acknowledged by all. Training in the Shotokan style is recognised for strengthening its practitioners both physically and mentally making one healthier and more resilient in times of hardship. The physical and mental skills learned will remain with you a lifetime and this is the reason why communities are recognising the art for the theraputic benefits it can provide to people of all ages and ability levels. Through traditional karate training and balanced educational concepts that meet modern standards, its hard to beat the training offered by the Keith Geyer Dojo.

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Elsternwick, Melbourne, Victoria, AU

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