Anne Pang

Anne Pang

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Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Anne Pang – Is a Sifu (master instructor and performer) in Wing Chun Kung Fu Anne Pang is an Australasian Kung Fu Champion and one of the most accomplished female Wing Chun practitioners in the world. 

Anne is also the mother of Hollywood movie actor Chris Pang, who you may remember from "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2." Anne began her martial arts training in 1974. Wing Chun was her chosen system and through this art she has thrived as a competitor and presenter. The art of Wing Chun was originally invented by a woman in China and is known for its fast and effective blitzing counter attacks against assailants. 

Anne has tested her skills in many open-style tournaments, frequently winning in both the forms and fighting categories. Most notably she became the first women's Australasian Kung Fu Champion (Full contact, open styles). As a fully qualified martial arts instructor, Anne saw the need for a a standardised Women's Self Defence program that is taught by women, for women. 

The instructor self defence program is supported by Holmsglen TAFE and Victoria University. Anne is highly a committed martial artist and with her husband and (Wing Chun legend) Sifu Barry Pang is a racehorse owner, and have even celebrated a Melbourne cup win Sifu Anne began her Women’s Self Defence course in 1990, and can include Government Departments, Corporate bodies and educational facilities to her list of achievements. In 1998 Anne received the Tribute Award for Women’s Self Defence Instructor, from Blitz Magazine and in 2022 was awarded the Achievement Award by Martial Arts Australia. Sifu Anne’s Self Defence Course focusses on domestic and situational self defence. 

Any female, young or old will stand a much greater chance surviving violent and life threatening situations, and you don't need to have martial arts experience. Anne believes that prevention strategies are first and foremost the best path to effective self defence and through story telling and practical application Anne is able to provide a vigorous and fun series of workshops to for beginners as well as training coaches in separate groups. Sifu Anne is recognised as a role model for all women in the field of martial arts, business and politics. Her influence and knowledge is sought in many countries outside Australia. 

The Anne Pang program Women's Self Defence program offers dynamic, easy to learn self-defence skills that will empower the student to be more assertive and less a target. "Learning respect for self and others is one of the greater qualities that anyone can learn!" say's Anne. The course is designed to encourage women to create a network of new friends that they can turn to any time they feel alone or at risk.

Awards & Certifications

Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Melbourne University | 1978-09-09

3rd Degree Black Sash Barry Pang Kung Fu | 2001-01-21

Melbourne University Women’s Self Defence and Kung Fu classes | 2015-09-09

Work Experience

Anne Pang Self Defence Academy | Director

Acting President for Chinese Community Council of Australia | Director

Multicultural Focus Group, AFL 2014 – present | Representative

Lion’s Sino-Innovation Club 0 | Honorary President

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