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Bob White

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Bob White - Chief Master at Bob White’s Karate Studio The history of Bob White is one that tells a story far greater than can be read in this brief profile. You see Bob White began is martial arts training at a very young age. There was something about Karate that he loved and wanted to excel To truly understand the life and achievements of Bob White one would be wise to pick up his book “Life in Session” – The Senior Master Bob White Story. The book tells the story of Senior Master Bob White who was a formidable competitor in the top karate tournaments for two decades in the United States. And yet, Bob White’s biggest battles weren’t against his fellow karate fighters, but instead against the disease of alcoholism and, late in life, two of the deadliest forms of cancer. The book has been on the best seller list in various international bookstores and provides an unfiltered synopsis of a man who has overcome enormous adversity to become the highly respected and much-loved coach he is today! Passing up a professional baseball career at a young age, Senior Master Bob White has been contributing to the art of American Kenpo for over fifty-years. On the tournament circuit he won numerous state, national, and international fighting championships. Bob White fought on the National All Star Black Belt Team, which went undefeated in 1973 and 1974. As a teacher and coach, he has consistently turned out some of the world’s finest karate fighters. Over the past 50+ years, Bob White’s Karate Studio has had many World Champion fighters and each year throughout the 1990s his students accounted for at least one of the Black Belt Grand Champions at the International Karate Championships. Bob White and his wife Barbara conduct seminars throughout the United States, South America, and Europe. They are both professional instructors who enjoy sharing their Kenpo and being in service to their students. Bob White was involved in the original “Karate Kid” movie and appeared as a referee in the film. BWKS had over 50 students that appeared in the movie as tournament competitors. Mr. White was also involved in The Karate Kid part 3 and worked to promote the new “Karate Kid” version with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. Senior Master White along with his wife Barbara and a great team from BWKS promote an annual karate tournament, The Bob and Barbara White Invitational that raises money for the Royal Family Kids. Royal Family Kids is an organization that provides a weeklong camp for abused and neglected children. The Bob and Barbara White Invitational began in 2005, and to date, has raised over a million dollars for RFK. Not only have hundreds of children been helped through the tournament, but the Kenpo community throughout the world has gained an awareness of RFK, and a desire to become involved in this cause. This involvement of the Kenpo community continues to grow, and contributions are coming in from all over the world. In the 1980’s Bob White was promoted to 7th Degree Black Belt by Senior Grand Master, Ed Parker. This was the highest rank that Ed Parker ever promoted. He was one of only a very few to earn that rank. Senior Master White has been inducted into many different Hall of Fames and recently he was the 2012 Keynote Speaker for the master’s Hall of Fame in Southern California. On March 24 th 2018 in a very large gathering of Kenpo leaders, Senior Master White was asked to be promoted to the rank of 10th Degree Black Belt. After turning down various requests for 25 years to move to 10 th Degree Senior Master White accepted and now has the title of “Senior Master”. Bob White has been featured in various books including The Who’s Who in Martial Arts, The Journey, and most recently in The International Journey. His new book, “Life in Session; The Senior Master Bob White Story” is now available in our store. He has also been interviewed on many television and radio shows. Besides the martial arts, Bob enjoys game fishing, running, and is an avid tennis player. Bob, Barbara and their children live in Costa Mesa, California. Senior Master Bob White is committed to the development of all his students, he understands all too well the importance of camaraderie, respect, integrity, and gratitude and the difference that training in a solid martial art system can bring. If we were to use one word to describe Bob White’s approach to others it would certainly be “Altruism.”

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