Junior McInnes

Junior McInnes

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Junior McInnes is a 3rd Dan in Shorin Kempo It comes as no surprise that Sensei Junior McInnes has had such success in his martial arts career in what is just the beginning of his career. Junior was born into a martial arts family in February 25 1997 and from that day forward he has enjoyed the martial arts life, established himself as an International Champion and acquired the knowledge through his experience to be recognised as a coach far beyond his young age. If we can say that the future of the martial arts lies within our young, then be certain that the destiny of Sensei Junior McInnes will be as a leader and inspiration to others. Junior is one of a few to have completed the 1000 day Uchi Deshi program of the Shorin Kempo style. This program is not for the faint hearted, not only does it require 3 years of hard daily training that includes strength and conditioning, basics training, countless rounds of full contact sparring, diet and psychology, it requires hard focuss and discipline to be able to push past the desire to give up and forge ones way forward. Needless to say, Junior is highly respected by all who know him. The 100 man Kumite is undoubtedly the most gruelling feat's of endurance and skill known to the full contact Karate scene. This is where 100 x 3 minute rounds or until K. O. with a fresh (rotational) opponent. Very few even attempt the test let alone successfully make it through to the end. It is a test of will and steadfast focus and under the strict guidelines of the event it can almost be regarded as a superhuman feat. Sensei McInnes took the test further than any other martial arts student before him when he tallied 110 opponents. The only other purson recorded to have beaten this record is the late Masutatsu Oyama, the former head of the Kyokushinkaikan. Sensei McInnes understands the importance of exercise science in martial arts and understands the methodologies to help individuals reach their full potential, he has proven this himself. Sensei McInnes embraces safety in training and understands that it is important to build strong, resilient bodies that will provide quality of life forever.

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