Nalaka Weerasinghe

Nalaka Weerasinghe

Coaching Category: Fitness

Specialization(s): Body Building, Functional Fitness


Nalaka Weerasinghe is a highly accomplished individual, holding a 1st Dan in Karate and serving as the proud owner of Visions Fitness, centrally located in Colombo Sri Lanka. With a remarkable 17-year journey dedicated to the study of Karate, Nalaka commands immense respect from both teammates and the general public. As a devoted martial artist, Nalaka has gained extensive experience through rigorous training and participation in full-contact tournaments. Additionally, Nalaka is a well-regarded bodybuilder in Sri Lanka, possessing profound knowledge of the human body and the science behind achieving peak athletic performance.

As a true champion in the martial arts realm, Sensei Nalaka has consistently demonstrated his formidable skills and abilities. His reputation as a force to be reckoned with remains unquestioned.

In addition to his martial arts achievements, Sensei Nalaka is the proprietor of Vision Gym, a thriving establishment in Colombo. Within his facility, he receives numerous individuals seeking his guidance on matters related to physical health and bodybuilding. Sensei Nalaka has wisely chosen to establish his Karate Dojo within the gym, allowing him to impart his knowledge of martial arts and wellness to both children and adults alike.

Awards & Certifications

Black Belt Teshinkai Karate | 2022-02-06

Body Building Champion | 2021-09-21

Work Experience

Vision Health and Fitness | Director

Teshinkai Karate Dojo | Coach

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Contact details

Kadawatha, Colombo, LK

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