Sharon Anyos

Sharon Anyos

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Specialization/s: Martial arts coach, Karate, Boxing

This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Sharon Anyos is a highly credentialled Australian Boxer. Sharon is the only female boxer to be inducted into the Australian National Boxing Federation Hall of Fame which was awarded in 2022. Sharon will also be inducted in the International women’s boxing Hall of Fame and has been recognised as among the greatest fighters when she received a WBC Emeritus award. Among others to receive the award are some of the greats, including Kosta Tszyu, Lennox Lewis, Floyd Mayweather, Vitali Klitchco and Laila Ali. Sharon, a pioneer in the incredibly tough sport of boxing, smashed down barriers and opened up doors for women’s boxing being the first Australian woman to win a world boxing title, taking out three titles in 2000. She then beat Argentinian Marcela Acuna in her home city of the Gold Coast in 2005 for the inaugural WBC Featherweight title. Sharon rates the fight the toughest of her career and during it she suffered a broken cheekbone from a head butt and a broken finger underpinning her toughness and skills. In total she won 14 of her 17 fights, five of those world titles, four by knockout. Sharon is a huge advocate of the benefits of boxing and martial arts. As a child she began her fight training with renown martial artist and coach Les Anyos, and is a current rank holder of 6th degree black belt in Shinbukai Karate. Training in martial arts Sharon understands opens the door to many opportunities in life and believes that women can benefit in ways that can assist them for a lifetime. The benefits of martial arts training are well documented, from health, fun, social connection and friendships to self defence and more resilient to day to day challenges are outcomes that Sharon is keen to pass on to others through her boxing and martial arts training.

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Gold Coast, Queensland, AU

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