Philip Hughes

Philip Hughes

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Specialization/s: Karate

This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Phillip Huges is a 1st dan Black belt in Karate Sempai Phil began his martial arts journey in 1991 with The Te Shin Kai Karate Do organisation under Shihan Barry Johnston. Sempai Phil notes that after his first lesson he knew that he had found the path in which he would follow. His belief in the value of martial arts gave him an understanding that it would be something that martial arts would be something he would be involved in for the rest of his life. In Sempai Phil's word's, "Martial Arts has personally given me physical conditioning, self-control, more energy, better concentration, weight control, inner peace, and honour and humility that becomes engrained has made me better at avoiding conflict! I find teaching rewarding as I believe in my students and enjoy watching their continual improvement. The smile on my students face when the penny drops after I help them work out something that they have been struggling with is very rewarding to me. , I love helping people achieve their goals. I had the honour of assisting with the training of secondary school students in the ACSD Skills for Life program which I believe is an integral part of children's development, especially for at risk children. I enjoy coaching and training alongside my own children and I am proud that my children live by the core values of the Martial Arts. Which enables them to make healthy life choices, foster healthy respectful relationships and be good role models for others. Sempai Phil is a highly proficient martial artist who is highly respected by all who know him. he is also an integral part of the Teshinkai organisation's teaching fraternity.

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Australian College of Sports Development | Assisting Trainer and Assessor/Martial Arts Instructor/VET in Schools Program Coordinator

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Bendigo, VIC, AU

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