Mick Heimdall

Mick Heimdall

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This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Michael Heimdal is a World class judo competitor; Commonwealth Judo gold medallist Mick Heimdal also known as "CUTTA" CUTAJAR hails from: Wollongong, NSW and is a practitioner and competitor of Judo / MMA-Pangration. Judo1 Wollongong is the name of Mick’s club where he conducts regular classes for students of all ages. Mick has competed in 13 pro fights with 8 wins and 4 draw. Mick is a superstar of Australian MMA. His domestic achievements include several highly recognised wins and is a superbly credentialed international judo player having won Australian, European and Japanese titles. He is a current 5th dan Kodokan Judo Australia. “My Judo” is a book written by Mick detailing a life of struggle, adversity and rising to the top. Judo has become a way of life not only to Mick but also to those around him. The foundations were set from a very young age through to growing up 'My Judo' is something that will guide you throughout your life. For years now Mick has tried and tested many techniques. To his mind this is what makes a well-rounded judo player. In his words, “You must be able to visualize the techniques firstly and then, to apply them in a practical manner.” Mick believes that as coaches, trainers, and instructors we must maintain the roots of our sport so that Professor Jigoro Kano's art is not lost because of contest rule changes and restrictions that limit the full flow of Judo in its natural sense. It is incredible how many other martial artists have copied Jigoro Kano's deadlier moves and renamed them. Today Judo is the pre-eminent Olympic / Martial Art Sport. Counters and Combinations are hard to come by so I hope you enjoy the few techniques that may entice you to be creative in your own development and continue your quest to learn and achieve your goals as a practitioner of the magnificent art of Judo. In the world of martial arts, there are not many people who have not heard of Mick Heimdal. He is a man who has fully committed his life to helping others achieve their goals, whether it be in Judo, fitness or personal. Mick is seen by his local community as a good role model for children and set them on the right path in life. Having gone through his own challenges as a youth, Mick understands more than most, the power and positive manifestations that martial arts training brings.

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Wollongong, NSW, AU

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