Andre Cerutti

Andre Cerutti

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This coach is approved to work with Children and Vulnerable people.


Mr Andre Cerutti (Mestre Peixe Ensobaodo) is a Capoera master from Sydney Australia. Andre (Mestre Peixe - pronounced pay-shee) began his martial arts journey in 1985 in his homeland of Brazil in Rio De Janeiro. In 2002 Andre made his home in Sydney Australia, and earned a solid reputation as a fine instructor and one of the pioneers of Capoera in Australia. In 2005 Andre Cerutti entered into a partnership and established the International College of Capoeira (ICC) for the purpose of developing students in the required skills and knowledge of Capoeira through a sport coaching qualification specialising in the Martial Art Capoeira. In 2009 and after immense consultation with related industry experts and the consent of the Capoeira industry specialist Andre Cerutti established his college as a Registered Training Organisation and was able to deliver his program as a nationally recognised qualification. It was only months before the college was able to offer courses to international students and since the college has become one of Australia's martial arts success stories. After great success and interest from learners Andre was able decided to enhance the college mission. One of the obvious changes in the establishment is the new trading name ‘College of Sports & Fitness’, (CSF). The drive of this change was primarily to reflect industry demand and cater for a variety of services, career opportunities, specialised qualifications and educational articulation within the Sport, Fitness and Recreation industry. Andre Cerutti (Mestre Peixe) remains a world leader in the art of Capoeira and is dedicated to the advancement of the art in Australia and beyond.

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